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North Korea arrests fourth U.S. citizen amidst rising hostilities
North Korea (MNN) -- North Korea is headlining a lot of political tensions these days as Kim Jong-Un pushes the boundaries of nuclear testing. Late last week, Kim Jong-Un accused South Korea and the United States of conspiring to assassinate him. Then, over the weekend, North Korea’s main...
Managing Emotions in Your Marriage (Part 1 of 2)
Author Lysa TerKeurst, along with her husband Art, tackle the underlying expectations and strong emotions that accompany conflict in marriage, and provide listeners with practical tools for navigating disagreements. (Part 1 of 2)
The Coffee Police
Information does not change us, but revelation does. Read more about The Coffee Police
Influence in turning the other cheek
Lebanon (MNN) -- A fragmented Middle East presents both challenges and opportunities to Christians. Perhaps the best place to start when we consider the role and influence Christians have in this part of the world is with the region’s only Christian president. President Aoun (right)...
Deaf Bible outlines objectives for future Deaf ministry
USA (MNN) -- If someone asked you to name some of the least-reached people groups with the Gospel, you may start listing countries in the 10/40 Window or people groups in remote regions. But one of the most unengaged people groups with the Bible is actually a group in many of our neighborhoods...
Encouragement for the persecuted found in “vibrant community”
Asia (MNN) -- There’s a reason why when we share stories of persecution, we ask for the Body of Christ to get involved in the solution. It’s because a key ingredient to perseverance of Christians under attack is encouragement from other Christians. While on the road with Asian Access last...
Enjoying Mealtime as a Family
Pastor Ted Cunningham offers practical suggestions for making family mealtimes more meaningful in a discussion based on his book Come to the Family Table: Slowing Down to Enjoy Food, Each Other and Jesus.
Bible Reading - May 5
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