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Education, brighter futures, and freedom from the witch doctor
Uganda (MNN) -- We know education is about more than learning -- it’s a key to a better future, an ingredient to build confidence. But for Set Free Ministries, education is a component of spiritual freedom. Let us explain with a story from Uganda. Victorious Tata Primary School (VTPS) began...
Mothers empowered through savings and care groups
International (MNN) -- You celebrated your own mom yesterday, maybe even your grandmother or a motherly figures in your life. Today, Food for the Hungry shares what they’re doing to support other moms around the world, and the beautifully holistic transformation that takes place. (Photo...
East Africa famine: worst humanitarian crisis since World War II
Africa (MNN) -- As you read this, 20 million people stand at risk of starvation in and around Sub-Saharan Africa. (Representative image courtesy of Open Doors USA) Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen are facing a famine the United Nations says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis...
Forgiving the Past, Embracing the Future
In a discussion based on her book Forgive, Let Go and Live, best-selling author Deborah Smith Pegues explains what forgiveness is and isn't, and highlights the rewards of having a forgiving spirit. She offers practical suggestions for going through the process of forgiveness.