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Indonesia: landslide update and how to help
Indonesia (MNN) -- It’s been just over a week since a half-mile wide landslide crushed parts of the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday, April 1st. Half-Mile Landslide (Photo courtesy FMI) The landslide destroyed a lot of buildings and, in his last report, FMI’s Bruce Allen says at...
Eurasia: Easter, excitement, investment
Russia (MNN/Mission Eurasia) -- How far can you stretch $25? (Image courtesy of Wikipedia/CC) You can buy some socks, and some toiletries.  You can buy some food.  You can help sponsor an orphan for a month in some places…but can you buy impact?  No, but you can certainly put some gas...
Finding Unexpected Blessings in Marriage (Part 1 of 2)
Contemporary Christian music artist Laura Story and her husband, Martin, offer hope and encouragement as they discuss how God has strengthened their faith and relationship after Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in their marriage. (Part 1 of 2)
Can a Christian Not Believe in the Resurrection?
Christianity without the resurrection is not Christianity. It is something else. Read more about Can a Christian Not Believe in the Resurrection?
Bible Reading - April 11
Read more about Bible Reading - April 11
God's Punch List
No construction job is ever finished until the completion of the punch list: a list of imperfections that must be corrected. Read more about God's Punch List