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Do Not Forget to Remember
Forgetting to recharge our spiritual batteries cuts off the flow of God's Holy Spirit to our lives. Read more about Do Not Forget to Remember
Three Keys to Spiritual Maturity
Don’t settle for less than an intimate relationship with God! Develop these three keys to spiritual maturity. Read more about Three Keys to Spiritual Maturity
FARMS loan program changes lives in Thailand
Thailand (MNN) -- About five years ago, Jaime Garcia felt God calling him to Thailand. He didn’t know why or what he was supposed to do there. But eventually, God would cross his path with FARMS International so he could learn about the work going on in Thailand and share it with us. Garcia...
Biblical mentors build relationships in prison, care for those leaving prison
South Africa/Tanzania (MNN) -- Crossroads Prison Ministries has biblical prison mentorship programs utilized in over 20 countries. Most recently, Crossroads’ International Director Cynthia Williams traveled to South Africa and Tanzania back-to-back to provide training and connect with the...
Coptic Orthodox nuns attacked in Palestine
Palestine (MNN/MEC) -- Christians in Palestine are requesting prayer for a court hearing today on a violent attack against Coptic Orthodox nuns. (Photo courtesy of Middle East Concern) A press release by Middle East Concern states that nearly two decades ago, the Coptic Orthodox Church...
Assuring Moms in Their Parenting Journey (Part 1 of 2)
In a discussion based on her recent book The 20 Hardest Questions Every Mom Faces, Dannah Gresh offers encouragement and biblically-based wisdom to moms who are facing uncertainty and anxiety as they wrestle with difficult questions including: "Am I messing up my kids?" "How do I keep my kids...
Bible Reading - July 11
Read more about Bible Reading - July 11
Bible translations in Ethiopia need funding
Ethiopia (MNN) – In the Horn of Africa is the mountainous country of Ethiopia -- a country that’s home to 88 living languages. Most of these languages, though, do not have a translation of the Bible. A Country Without Scripture (Photo courtesy of Christian Guthier via Flickr) To paint the...
Japan church meets in unlikely location
Japan (MNN) -- When you think of church, what comes to mind? Well-dressed men and women worshipping in a large building with a cross on the top? (Photo courtesy of Asian Access) That’s not always the case. Sometimes, you have to make do with what you have. That’s what Taka Hiroami, the...