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Algerian believer faces blasphemy charges
Algeria (MNN) -- Algeria has been a constant member of the World Watch List published by Open Doors USA, but Miles Windsor of Middle East Concern says the situation for indigenous believers is a little different than most. “Persecution takes a lot of different forms, certainly in terms of...
Deaf Bible offers free digital wallpapers to spur prayer, advocacy
USA (MNN) -- When you open your phone or tablet, what picture do you see as the background? Is it a photo of a loved one or a pet? A beautiful landscape? Maybe an inspiring quote or Bible verse? (Image courtesy of Deaf Bible Society) This month, Deaf Bible Society has released a series of...
Nepal, local elections, and attitudes towards religion
Nepal (MNN) -- In recent history, Nepal has taken great strides to catch up with the modern world. Just a few years ago, they abolished their centuries-old Hindu Monarchy. In 2015, their new constitution declared Nepal a secular state. Right now, Nepal is in the middle of local elections....
The Importance of Leaving and Cleaving
Pastor Ted Cunningham offers wisdom to newlyweds about the importance of separating emotionally, relationally, and financially from their family of origin in order to form a strong bond with their new spouse.