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Discerning the truth about China
China (MNN) -- When it comes to China, everyone has a different story. Is the Church persecuted or supported by the government? Do Bibles need to be smuggled in or can they be legally purchased in the country? Are believers struggling or thriving? According to Wendell Rovenstine of Bibles for...
Iran wary as Iraqi Kurds vie for independence
Iran (MNN) -- The Kurdish people in Iraq will hold a referendum on September 25th to try and declare independence. But neighboring countries Turkey and Iran have made it clear they are not happy about it. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has even started a military recruitment campaign to...
Immanuel’s Child Christmas preparation starts now
Russia (MNN) – If you celebrate Christmas on December 25th, then the holiday is exactly five months away. And while it might seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, Russian and Central Asian churches are already preparing for this year’s Christmas ministries. Immanuel's Child:...
Practical Tips for Getting Organized (Part 2 of 2)
Kathi Lipp and Jean Daly discuss the value of house organization and explain what it means to treat your living space like a “grown-up kindergarten room.” Our guests also offer suggestions for best cleaning practices. (Part 2 of 2)