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In the Big Inning
We can all learn a thing or two about God's grace; baseball offers some insight. Read more about In the Big Inning
When Forgiveness Escapes You
Evil exists. We are broken, and we live in a fallen world. People have experienced horrible atrocities.  And yet, Jesus clearly tells us we must forgive. How?  Read more about When Forgiveness Escapes You
Imperfect Fathers
Our imperfections are not an excuse to plateau as a parent. We keep learning. We ask forgiveness from our child. We pray with our child. We play with our child. Read more about Imperfect Fathers
Pakistan law adds pressure on religious minorities
Pakistan (MNN) -- The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has always been an uncertain time for religious minorities, but a new law in Pakistan is adding even more pressure. (Photo courtesy of Open Doors USA) The Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs recently approved an amendment that...
Ramadan prayer guide shares poignant story of Muslim man and the Gospel
International (MNN) -- We’ve been encouraging you to pray for Muslims during Ramadan, which runs until June 24th in the United States. But did you know there’s a resource to help you know what to pray for? (Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA) Frontiers USA has a Ramadan prayer guide for...