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FMI to travel to Bangladesh and Indonesia
Bangladesh (MNN) -- If home for you is in the northern hemisphere, you may be making travel plans to enjoy the warmer weather. However, for ministries like FMI, summer travel oftentimes means field visits. Hello, Bangladesh Rural church in Bangladesh. (Photo courtesy of FMI) “During the...
Believers in Iran sacrifice safety to hear the Gospel
Iran (MNN) -- In Iran, like many countries in the Middle East, being a Christian can cost your life. Christianity is seen as a threat to Islamic identity, and Muslims who convert face the most persecution. (Photo courtesy of SAT-7 PARS) Sharing the Gospel and discipling believers are...
Young girl kidnapped by ISIS three years ago reunited with family
Iraq (MNN) -- A tragic story that began three years ago now has a miraculously happy ending. You may remember hearing about Christina Abada, the three-year-old girl in Iraq who was kidnapped right out of her mother’s arms by ISIS in August 2014. Christina Abada reunited with her family;...
Developing Godly Character in Your Child
Korie Robertson, of A&E's TV show "Duck Dynasty," shares her heart for raising kids with strong, godly character as well as some fun family stories of the Robertson clan.
Bible Reading - June 13
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World Deaf Day of Prayer: A time to pray for the Gospel among the Deaf
International (MNN) -- When you think of people unreached with the Gospel, you might imagine a tribal community in a third-world country removed from modern civilization. But surprisingly, one of the largest unreached people groups may exist in your own backyard. (Image courtesy of Deaf Bible...