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Understanding the Scope of Human Trafficking
Human trafficking expert Nita Belles shines a light on labor and sex trafficking, sharing stories of people being caught up in and rescued from horrific situations. She provides practical ways to help trafficked victims and tools to protect your children.
Ministry celebrates 25 years of outreach in Native America
North America (MNN) -- This year, On Eagles’ Wings is celebrating 25 years of ministry to Native America. It’s a big deal since, after 400 years with Native America as the first mission field in North America, only around four percent of Native people believe in Jesus Christ as their...
Boko Haram releases 82 Chibok school girls
Nigeria (MNN) -- Weekend events brought renewed hope to the parents of the Chibok girls who were kidnapped in April 2014. Yesterday, parents anxiously awaited to see if their daughters were among the latest group of girls released by the militant group, Boko Haram. Kristin Wright of Open Doors...
Philippines’ discipleship movement underway
Philippines (MNN) -- Jesus led a mentoring movement.  For most of his life, although he did help the thousands, he focused his energies on teaching and encouraging 12 specific people.  Those 12 took what he taught them and spent the rest of their lives doing the same thing with a core group...