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Sudan: cause for celebration and prayer
Sudan (MNN) -- When Czechoslovakian Voice of the Martyrs aid worker Petr Jasek was released from Sudan on February 26th, the big unanswered question was: ‘What about the two Sudanese men who weren’t released?’ Petr Jasek, pardoned in Sudan (Photo courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs) On...
Liberating Yourself From the Common Myths of Motherhood (Part 2 of 2)
Authors Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk shed light on false ideas women have been bombarded with about being perfect mothers, and offer moms encouragement in a discussion based on their book Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock it Off. (Part 2 of 2)
Finding God’s Grace in Our Pain
Reason wants a logical explanation that will make sense out of something that has happened. Purpose offers us a hope that whatever has happened God can work for good. Read more about Finding God’s Grace in Our Pain
Bible Reading - May 12
Read more about Bible Reading - May 12
Global Disciples encourages and equips leaders at worldwide meeting
Thailand (MNN) -- Missionaries spend their lives pouring into the people they serve, but it’s just as important that they be poured into as well. (Photo courtesy of Global Disciples) That’s something Global Disciples recently recognized at its annual global staff meeting, X-222, where...